10 Morning Sickness Sidekicks

You never truly know when morning sickness will kick in, or if it ever really will! This is a little guide for those who have that specific journey.
If there’s one major bit of advice I can give in regards to this aspect of pregnancy, that would be to have some if not all of these items prepared and ready to go. Collect and think them through prior, because once you start feeling nauseous, you may not want to think about anything at all! I took that route and found myself in the grocery store often confused and irritated with a plastic bag in my hand, when in reality it would have been nice to just be snuggled at home with my kit all ready to go. So here are the top 10 items to gather as soon as you confirm your pregnancy!

*I am not affiliated with any of the following products/companies that I recommend below.

1. Water

We all know how important water is to our lives, and to have access to pure clean water is a must. As your baby develops within you, it's important to be aware of the water quality you ingest. If you can go for truly raw mountain water or well water. To find a pure source that hasn’t been touched can be hard. Most of the water sold today has had all of its mineral content stripped away and then minerals and electrolytes added back in. This can be a task of its own to find a water source that is as close to untouched thats available in your area.

My partner and I were in southern California during the beginning of our pregnancy so we participated in a bottle service delivery from a company by the name of Live Spring Water. I will link their site below so you can explore the goodies this beautiful company has to offer. Their water has been completely untouched and comes straight from the mountain source.


Another great option is to get a water bottle from Golden Ratio Products. If you’re familiar with Dr. Masaru Emoto's experiments with water, you may be familiar with the understanding that water can be restructured depending on the energy that is focused upon it. If you’re not familiar with his work, I highly suggest a quick google search. These water bottles are designed in a way to restructure the water that you place within them. Simply fill and within 3 minutes your water has been transformed to a higher vibration. My partner and I each have a bottle and are getting a baby one shortly!


2. Bucket

Well I’m not too sure there's much to say about this one! Yes, you could also use a toilet, but let me tell you that gets old after awhile. I found myself being uncomfortable folded in a ball on the bathroom floor with my head next to where well you know what happens. Therefore, I would suggest getting a bucket! Now you can puke anywhere in your home at your own convenience at any time of the day without having to worry about making it to the toilet in time. This comes in handy during nights as well. Morning sickness is really all day sickness, so keeping a bucket of sorts nearby at all times is ideal.

3. Towels

Perfect for all sorts of messes. Maybe you throw up on your hand or it splashes back in your face. You may think that won’t happen, but trust me it can.

Towels can also be used as cooling or heating agents. Try soaking a washcloth in hot or cold water, whichever is more soothing, and cover your body. I would often do a cold rag on my forehead to help with the overall body discomfort. You can get pretty creative with towels, so have some on hand that you wouldn’t mind throwing away after.

4. Electrolyte Solution

I wish I would have known about this one WAY sooner. I worked at a grocery store during the bulk of my morning sickness period, and I actually ended up quitting mainly because I was so ill. At work one day I saw some organic electrolyte solution that we sold and thought you know what, I am going to give this a try. At this point I was already past a month into feeling ill every day, and this was a game changer. An hour after drinking half the bottle, I felt noticeably different. My vision became clearer. My energy spiked. My body felt more alive, and mentally I felt more positive! That last one I wasn’t expecting but it was true. I felt my whole attitude shift from feeling like a victim of my circumstances to understanding it was nothing but a phase in my life.

Then I started to research what electrolyte imbalance felt like. It can be caused from dehydration and continuously throwing up, sounds exactly like morning sickness! The symptoms of an imbalance were also very similar to those of pregnancy.

My hypothesis - morning sickness is often prolonged and becomes more severe because of an electrolyte imbalance that can occur within just the first few days of vomiting.

My advice - get the solution and start it from the get go!

Here’s the one I drank. Just be aware that once you open the bottle it must be refrigerated and finished within 24 or 48 hours I believe. Read the labels!


Another great option would be coconut water. This is my favorite brand and all raw coconut waters include naturally occurring electrolytes.


5. Saltines

I feel that the moment people know you’re pregnant they tell you to get saltines. This most likely isn’t a surprising one to see on the list. Saltines are bland, salty, and starchy which helps to absorb stomach acid. Even living in Los Angeles, I found it hard to find a good clean organic saltine cracker. It wasn’t until a few months later that I found the perfect option. These are basic saltines with an ingredient list you can pronounce. My favorite thing about them is that they come with tiny individual packages inside. This is perfect for being on the go and always having crackers by your side. Get these as soon as you find out you're pregnant!


6. Ginger

Fresh Organic Raw Ginger is and will always be the best option. Ginger has anti-inflammatory properties and aids in digestion. Due to it’s makeup its know to assist in easing nausea. You will find ginger as a main ingredient in a lot of morning sickness products. Personally I would stay away from the sugary loaded lozenges and go for a raw ginger shot when possible. The less processed the better. Opt for organic.