An Experience With Mugwort

Herbs are very powerful containing medicinal and spiritual properties. Plant medicine can present itself in many different forms and provide great insight into ones life.

About two years ago I began a year long journey with a tribe of powerful woman. Root and Rise - hosted by Jane and Brandilyn. (I'll link their info below!)

At our first of three in person retreats, I had an experience with mugwort. When it comes to plant medicine, I've always thought of ayahuasca and peyote - which bring forth significant experiences. I never thought about a journey with a more common and subtle herb. A milder experience like with mugwort.

We drank this medicine in tea form and relaxed into meditation as Jane drummed for us. Mugwort as we were told, was a multidimensional portal opener. I believe we were told that after I had shared my journey, but Im not quite sure.

Soon I was in the zone. The vision I was given started with a pyramid. It was unclear which one it was though, and that was to protect what comes next. Deep within was a room. A circle room with men walking around the perimeter of the walls. They were chanting and as the chants went on, a giant circle stone began lifting from the center of the floor. Their frequencies were opening a door.

I was taken through this hole in the ground into another room below. - also circle shaped, but with big archways lining the wall. Above each was a symbol, but those all appeared fuzzy. Extending from each doorway was a tunnel, and some tunnels were straight while others curved and zig-zagged. They ranged between a mile and five miles long. That specific detail I just knew! At the end was a room containing artifacts of each culture. I knew then that this was a place to one day be know to learn more about our past and the world we live in.

To this day, I am not 100% sure why I specifically was shown this,. Maybe i'll be the one to go there some day. Sounds like an Indiana Jones type adventure if you ask me. Maybe someone else will find it and this post will aid in their journey, or maybe it will remain hidden.

No matter what, I am thankful that mother mugwort aided in that experience. Even the most common of herbs may take you on journeys you'd never expect!


Brandilyn Tebo - @brandilyn_tebo

Jane Mayer - @janeislistening

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