Manifesting Success Story

I remember when this was an odd concept and now it appears everywhere! It seems so simple, but depending on your self beliefs and habits - it can be easy to block oneself from really manifesting. Great news is that practice makes perfect with this one. As long as you don't allow yourself to become discouraged and give up, I promise over time you'll get the hang of it.

We manifest small things all the time and they often get overlooked because we devote so much energy to the "bigger things." For instance, we may want a cookie and then get to work and boom cookies! Ok, that wasn't the greatest example, but you know what I mean.

I'm going to share a great manifestation story and the realization as to how it happened so quick and easily. For the first time in years, I began to understand how to really create your reality.

Two years ago early in the year I decided I really wanted to devote more of myself to the spiritual work I do and begin transforming to place where it could be my job to do so.

I simply sat and made a clear statement of what I wanted. I want to learn how/work towards offering my gifts to others and this will be my job. I went to bed and thought no more of it.

Next day I was at work and we were outside on the sidewalk. A guy in a big blue blowup suit came dancing past us. Another guy was with him taking photos - it was a social media thing I'm sure - we were in Hollywood.

They kept moving down the sidewalk past us and then the blue blog ran back and handed me a little pouch that said smize. (I think) I laughed and walked back over to my coworker to open it. Within was $55 cash. ToNow to me 55 felt odd and different. Not 20 or 50 - but 55 was so specific. I said then and there this is too specific so I'm going to wait and hold on to it and I'll know when I'm supposed to send it.

I went about my day and later that night I was scrolling through facebook. Up came an ad for a cacao ceremony for spiritual entrepreneurs. It thought, woah - wait a second this is exactly what I was thinking of the night before. This event would kick off exactly what I wanted.

So I clicked on the event and guess how much it cost. Yup, $55 dollars.

All the dots started connecting and I had never felt more aligned. living in LA, I didn't have a lot of spare cash. The manifesting energy/universe knew this and knew I wouldn't have spent 55 on an event. Therefore, I was given the money first by the grace of god. I went to the event and it truly kickstarted a lot.

Now why did this happen so easily?

I set a clear intention on what I wanted.and had zero expectation of how it would/could/should happen.

Over time we lI've learned these are the two key aspects to true manifestation.

Be clear on what you want and release control over how it's supposed to happen.

If we're not clear on what we want to manifest, the universe, god/goddess/ divine source etc.... will not know what to give. If we try to control the how - then we cut ourselves off from possibilities we may have never imagined.

If there's one thing to take away from this -

Be Clear - Be Open