Rebirth in the dream state

Today I want to share a dream I had a few nights ago. This dream felt beyond real and now that there is space between the moment, I can see into the symbolism that it held and the message it was sharing. Enjoy this sneak peek into my sleep state.

It started out with me and a few other people in a moving vehicle. I was fully aware of what was about to happen and that was that I was going to go under and into a state of illusion with the help of a chemical tab. This guy across from me asked if I was ready and as I agreed he placed the tab on my back and I began to fade out.

As I type this it feels like a real inception moment - woah.

So now I am two layers deep and in a dream within a dream. Around me is nothing but mirrors. It appears as if I am in a big rectangular box and I am in the midst of a birth. Within this box is me witnessing me in the form of an infant being born and entering the world from above my head, and there is another form of me assisting this baby that is being reborn. Within this space I could see and feel what it was like to be in all three bodies and perspectives at once. Honestly I don't even have words to describe how it felt or looked because I truly was experiencing all three situations within one moment.

From my awakened state here I can see the obvious symbolism in rebirth. The past few years of my life have been dedicated to conscious awakening, and as I journey deeper and deeper, the rebirths and experiences in "illusion" become more and more real.

From this moment I transitioned to leading a crowd into a forest fortress of sorts. I knew it was protected and I knew it was hidden. The funny thing is I kept thinking about how wild animals would get inside and it was easy for the foxes to show up. That insight I have zero explanation for.

As we, this group of people behind me + me, entered this fortress we made a hard left where I stopped to be scanned by this guy. He asked me about my experience level to which I replied entry level. He used a wand of sorts that looked like a metal detector wand and scanned my body. As he did this he said you are anything but entry level. As he scanned he could see the past that my body participated in & yet I had no recollection of these memories. He told me based on my skills and the different scenarios I had been in that I am a very skilled trained fighter.

My interpretation of this - either this is somewhat true and in past lives I was trained in fighting and defense & possibly in this lifetime that muscle memory will reawaken - or it's symbolic of this deep inner power and energy that I have expressed in many lives & yet in this one I have all to well forgotten just how powerful and skilled I am. I'm leaning towards the second thought on this one being true, but it would be fun if all of a sudden I could do some backflips and parkour.

From this moment I began to awaken from this state of illusion that I knew I was in. As I faded back into my other reality - I began to recognize I was in a plane. It took a really long time for me to gain consciousness and I remember everything was so blurry and when I tried to speak it was extremely slurred as I was awakening from anesthesia.

My head was on someones lap and to my left the bottom of the plane was just open & I thought I was just going to roll out of it. I kept trying to ask if that was land and if we were in a plane. The land below got closer and closer as I realized we were landing. Still unaware that I was being held onto - I attempted to brace my limp body for landing. & that was all.

from there I woke up into my reality here.

Looking back at all of this I see the patterns of rebirth and gaining knowledge of deep rooter inner power that I had zero remembrance of. & since this dream I have noticed the shift. The shift in the way I see and hear and feel. A shift in the way I go about living. Awakening is such a beautifully individualized journey & If anything I hope this story encourages you to keep going. To get curious of whats beyond all that we are told to believe about our reality. When we wake up to the dream we are in - when we lucid dream in our "real life", we gain a new level of control that we could never imagine.

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