What if we could meet our children before they physically come to earth. Well, that sort of happened to me! I came into this life with some previously developed clairvoyance, so I’ve seen my kids before. The first time I received a sneak peak was about two years ago.

I was in meditation with one of my teachers and all of a sudden a moving scene popped into my head like I was downloading a video. It felt like a gift of sight being planted into my third eye. To my right was a beautiful white home with water behind it and tall bushes out front lining the street. And then there I was on the street. My right arm hooked around my love and a little boy riding a tricycle in front of us. I couldn’t see my love’s face nor the child's, but I felt his arm and noticed his long curly hair.

Periodically I’d forget about this moment, but every now and then it would pop back up in my head. Laddi daddi da time goes by and I meet a guy. I knew Jonathan was special the moment I met him, but I really was basing that off of nothing but a feeling. I’ll explain that uniting in a post of it’s own (It’s a really good story)!

A few months down the road and I began looking at Jonathans hair. Let me tell you, it was DRY. He began growing it out for the first time, so he never questioned the texture of his hair. After suggesting we condition those locks, he started the process of healing the damage. As it healed, it became curlier and curlier. It was practically straight before and considering this was the first time he grew out his hair, he had no idea it was curly! One day I was sitting on the bed to his left weaving my finger up through a ringlet and boom, the vision popped up. I was currently playing with that exact head of hair that I saw two years prior. In that moment I felt a confirmation of what I had felt the moment I met him. I knew this was my love and the father of my future children.

Fast forward a few months and I received two more visions, well more like visitations. While in the in-between state of waking and sleeping a little girl popped her head in, made a funny face, and backed out of an almost ether state of frame. My straight stringy blonde hair and Jonathan's big eyes, 7 years old, how do I know that? I just do! My response out loud, “Our Daughter.” The most interesting part is that my instant thought was, “Wow she’s learned to time travel young.” To me there was no doubt that this was a visitation that transcended time and space. This is how I’ve always imagined time travel truly exists & I had just been visited.

The second visitation was the same little boy from the vision. Roughly 4 years old, and I still haven’t seen his face. He was visiting as well to make his presence known, but at a much younger age. After this visitation I really felt the baby fever coming on. I didn’t feel like I was in the position to become a mom just yet, but I had this overwhelming sense of “Well it’s happening”. Living in Los Angeles, being 23, and having only lived with my partner for a few months, I started to judge my abilities to be a mom. If I looked at the way society would describe me, I didn’t feel ready. Yet if I felt into what was truth, I knew this was what I had been waiting for my whole life.

By no means was I trying to become pregnant, but I didn’t necessarily feel any desire to stop life from happening if it was meant to. A few more weeks had passed by and I knew I was pregnant. Having periods so regular I could predict them to the hour, I knew I was pregnant when that time frame passed. This was July 1st, and it wasn’t until July 5th that we received actual confirmation of my feelings. I guess you could say I needed a few days to process the concept before seeking a test to confirm. From that moment on we knew our lives would never be the same in the best of ways. We became very self aware of the current realities in our lives that must be changed so that we can raise our child to the best of our abilities. This baby made it clear that it is ready to incarnate on earth now, and we’re honored to be chosen as parents.

Even the biggest of surprises can seem like inevitable fates when you consider all that lead up to this conception. It’s time to welcome to earth the light babies that have chosen spiritual evolution and at the same time welcome the earth guide parents devoted to serving their young.

Oh what an exciting time to be alive!

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