The First Few Weeks

Everything started off very mild. For the most part, I didn’t feel very different other than the overwhelming joyful feeling that another life was beginning to form within my body. Sometimes I just couldn’t get the thought out of my head that an actual living being was growing within me. I could phrase this thought a thousand different ways and still be in awe that I was transitioning from a maiden to a mother.

We confirmed the pregnancy exactly a month after the first day of my last period. This was when I learned that week one starts on that date. (SO technically you’re only pregnant for about 38 weeks, but who's counting.) At this point of confirmation, I was 1 month pregnant, 5 weeks and 3 days to be exact. The first physical signs my body displayed were a combination of intense dry mouth and stinging nipples. Yes you read that correct, and no I’m not going to censor this journey of motherhood one bit.

With my current understanding of the body, I’m well aware that our physical circumstances are first developed in the spiritual world. These pregnancy signs were meant to be paid attention to, so naturally I began asking questions. The dry mouth was easy to interpret. It made me feel thirsty. I took the literal translation & included more hydration in my diet. Now the nipple stinging was different. Imagine someone pinching and twisting your nipples for about 2-3 minutes straight. You cant take the feeling away and after those rough 3 minutes it’s like nothing ever happened. This was a hard why and sometimes a loud antagonizing WHY!!

As the stinging continued I noticed my breasts began to change. I’ve got to admit the small boob girl in me got really REALLY excited. They were growing! In a mindset switch I decided the stings and growth were linked. Now as a stringing session came, I used the time to visualize the maternal every of “food provider” to flow through my nipples and circulate through my breasts. Boobs are made to nurse and I decided to honor that by embracing the energy glow. I felt that this visualization was preparing them in a new way for their job promotion. Yes boobs yes.

At this point I was thriving on being pregnant. I wanted to tell the world, but kept it a secret for quite awhile. All was fine and dandy until morning sickness settled in. It doesn’t happen to everyone, and honestly I didn’t think i’d experience it much. Yet to be really honest that was because I didn’t want to experience it. I hate throwing up. Soon I was humbled to learn I was wrong. So on another post I’ll share my sickness story of what I’d like to consider the transition from maiden to mother. - What feels like the death and rebirth of a mom.

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